Mission statement

Regional and national company

Günther Distribution International is a regionally rooted and Europe-wide operating transport company. Shipment and distribution of goods to Italy, Germany, and to central and northern Europe are the company’s core business.
Established in 1954, the company remains fully committed to its tradition and will continue to be an owner-operated enterprise even in the future. This allows maximum independence and decision-making capability.

The customer is at the center of the enterprise.

Just to meet his needs and wishes, we gladly provide our three-generations experience. Modern and continuously growing internal organisations, as well as a constantly modernized fleet and new technology in the tracking and dispatching field help us thereby. In order to save costs and carry our clients merchandise faster and safer, flow of goods is permanently optimized not only in terms of rational vehicle-disposition but above all in the interest of the customer

As a cosmopolitan company, we are constantly investing in the training and qualification of our staff through internal and external instruction courses. Our most important asset is the employee. We provide regular education to prevent it from devaluation. This in turn benefits our customer and is motivating to us all.

Long-term business relationships based on high-quality service

The management levels delegate responsibility to staff and provide them with the competency required. It is encouraging for all and benefits our customers. This is how we promote initiative and creativity.
Beyond legal requirements, we are investing in modern technologies for the benefit of quality and our environment. The observance of customer agreements regarding punctuality and service quality is a prerequisite for sustainable business relationship. Nothing else promotes customer confidence and secures constant orders, and thus the continued existence of our company. The same applies to early notification to the customer of any incident, delay or unexpected irregularities in the execution of the shipping order.
We want to constantly seek improved solutions in order to always meet the demands of our customers in the right moment.