A third generation family business

Günther Distribution International is a family-run business founded in 1954 by Bruno Günther who transferred the company to his son Helmut in 1978. The company is run today by Günther’s third generation, meaning Gernot and Harald Günther together with their father Helmut.

We invest in our team

The reliability and skills of our drivers, as well as years of planning experience are the distinguishing features of the Günther Distribution International team. Transport activities are carried out effectively and efficiently thanks to the continuous exchange of information between drivers and the head office, and to the use of the most modern GPS and GPRS positioning systems.

We invest in our team

Helmut Günther: Senior owner, Management
Gernot Günther: Junior owner, logistics and customer relations
As the planning director, Gernot Günther is responsible for accepting orders, transport activities and for ensuring that products are delivered on time.

Corporate structure

Company management: 2
Logistics + Administration: 10
Drivers: 118
Total team members: 130

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