Vehicle fleet

We are able to satisfy any request

The entire vehicle fleet is managed from the transport company offices at the Bressanone Nord / Val Pusteria motorway exit. With about 80 tractors for articulated trucks and more than 90 semi-trailers (semi-trailers for controlled temperature and dry transport), as well as 9 trucks with a hoisting platform, we guarantee tailor-made transport solutions to satisfy the needs of all customers.
Our fleet of trucks is equipped with low-noise engines that reduce exhaust gas emissions, and most of which are Euro 5 or 6 compliant. The vehicle fleet, meets all transport and logistics requirements, handling product delivery to Italy, Central and North Europe. Thanks to the use of ultramodern GPS and GPRS navigators, the fleet can also meet the specific requirements of customers even over the very short term.
In our in-house repair shops, we perform constant maintenance on the vehicle fleet, ensuring outstanding range and flexibility.

Refrigerated transport

At Günther Distribution International we offer controlled temperature transport and the distribution to wholesalers in Italy, Germany as well as Central and North Europe. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles includes 52 semi-trailers and is perfectly suitable for transporting high-temperature sensitive goods and fresh food.

Dry transport

At Günther Distribution International we have become specialists in transporting goods, in temporary storage and in the distribution of products of medium-sized companies to wholesalers in Italy, Germany and in Central and North Europe.

Meat transportation

Frozen meat and fish must constantly be kept at –18 ° C. For fresh meat a maximum temperature of 4 ° C has to be guaranteed. Especially for this sector the Günther fleet offers refrigerated trucks equipped with meat hanging systems which allow a fast and comfortable loading, transport and unloading process.

Vehicle fleet

With about 39 semi-trailers with tarps for national and international transport, we develop individual solutions, which are tailor designed to meet the needs of our customers. Whether its refrigerated transport or national groupage transport, we offer numerous services that are all totally reliable. Our team is highly qualified and our vehicle fleet can be used in a versatile manner.

  • 75Tractors for
    articulated trucks
  • 39Semi-trailers
  • 52Semi-trailers for
    controlled temperature
    and dry transport
  • 9Trucks with a hoisting